The Team

Justė George
Salon owner, Nail technician, Permanent Makeup specialist, Massage

Asel Beauty Lounge - Justė George

From a young age, Juste knew her destiny lay in the vibrant world of beauty. Armed with a passion for pizzazz and an affinity for all things fabulous, she waltzed into the industry, leaving a trail of fabulousness in her wake. Nail treatments? Darling, that's her canvas! Permanent makeup? Consider it a masterpiece in the making!

Picture this: a salon where every stroke of polish and every dab of makeup is infused with sheer joy and a touch of sparkle. That's the Asel Beauty Lounge experience. When she's not orchestrating the glam symphony from behind the scenes, Juste George is right there in the trenches, creating nail art that could rival a unicorn's dreams and perfecting permanent makeup that lasts longer than your favorite Netflix binge.


Emilia Iatan
Laser Hair Removal Specialist & Aesthetician

Asel Beauty Lounge - Emilia Iatan

Let me introduce myself- I'm Emilia, your go-to laser hair removal specialist and beauty guru. With a passion for flawless skin, I bring expertise to every treatment. From precision laser hair removal to lip fillers, anti-aging, B12 injections, microneedling and cutting-edge fat-dissolving treatments, I provide personalised solutions for your aesthetic journey.


Natalia Bujnarowska
Lashes, Facial, Permanent Makeup, Tattoos

Asel Beauty Lounge - Lisa Marini

Natalia is beauty artist for over 12 years.
She has a deep passion for her profession, and she pours her heart into everything she does - no matter if it is set of Eyelashes, Permanent Makeup, Facials or tatoos. 

She has consistently used top-quality products since the beginning of her journey, ensuring the high standard of the services she provides.